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The Hayden Hat: Men's Crochet Hat Pattern

A pretty exciting thing happen for me this week. I was commissioned to create and crochet FIVE new hats! Last year a gentleman who works with my Mr. Awesome noticed and liked a hat I had made him. When he found out I had made it myself, he asked if I would make him one as well.

So of course, I did, and now a year later he wants another FIVE!! 

He gave me a few color schemes he would like, but full reign on design. I figured this would be a great opportunity to start creating my own patterns.

So, here is my first official pattern--meaning I actually used mathematics and measurements and took care to write down each step and make sure every step is actually accurate and workable.

Now it’s time to share it all with you! So without further ado…

The Hayden Hat:

Pattern Notes: *This pattern is worked from the bottom up and has two sections: the Brim and the Hat. Begin with the brim. *All stitches in the Brim are created in the back loop only (BLO) *Stitches in the Hat are through either both loops or third loop only of the previous row--specifics will be indicated for each row *You will join your rows at the first stitch *Do not include chain in your stitch count *Hook: size I (5.5mm)

*Yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver, but any medium weight yarn should do. --Note: if you are using a Caron Super Soft yarn, your hat may come out a bit smaller due to the slightly smaller medium weight of the yarn. To combat this try using a larger hook. 

*Each number in ( ) at the end of every row is what your stitch count should be at the end of that row Crochet Abbreviations:  *BLO: crochet in the back loop of the stitches in the previous row *C1/C2: color 1 or color 2 *ch: chain *SC: single crochet stitch *HDC: half double crochet stitch *DCR: decrease stitch

BRIM: using H (5mm) Hook Using C1: Chain 13 Row 1: beginning in 2nd chain from hook, single crochet across chain. Chain 1 and turn (12) Row 2: SC BLO across, ch 1 and turn (12) Row 3-84: repeat row 2 (12); close up your brim by putting the ends together and work a slip stitch through back loops of both ends to the top of your brim... Do not finish off, join second color

HAT: using I (5.5mm) Hook Row 1: with C2, ch 1; evenly SC crochet around brim, join to first stitch (84) Row 2: continuing with C2, ch 1, SC around, join to first stitch (84) Row 3: continue with C2, ch 1, HDC around, join to first stitch (84) Row 4: with C1, ch 1, SC in third loop, around, join to first stitch (84) Row 5: continue with C1: ch 1, HDC around, join to first stitch (84) Row 6-13.... repeat rows 2-5, twice (84)

Row 14: with C2, ch 1, *SC in next 5 stitches, SC DCR, repeat from * around, join to first stitch (72) Row 15: continue with C2, ch 1, in third loop only *HDC in next 4 stitches, HDC DCR*, repeat from * around, join to first stitch (60) From this point forward, crochet only through both top loops, no longer crocheting through the third loop.  Row 16: with C1, ch 1, *SC in next 3 stitches, SC decrease, repeat from * around, join to first stitch (48) Row 17: continue with C1, ch 1, *HDC next 2 stitches, then HDC DCR around, join to first stitch (36) Row 18: with C2, ch 1, *SC in 1 stitch, SC DRC around, join to first stitch (24), Row 19: continue with C2. ch 1, HDC DC around Finish off leaving a long tail and weave through remaining stitches. Pull closed and knot finish. Weave in ends.

There you have it! Your finished hat should measure approximately 11" wide x by 8.5" tall.  

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Hayden Hat for men

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